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What to expect when you are referred to us.

The procedure begins with an orthopedic examination to assess your pets problems. Radiographs (xrays) are obtained if not previously taken by your local veterinarian- to confirm diagnosis. Certain procedures require blood tests and urine culture prior to surgery to ensure your patient is healthy prior to undergoing surgery. In many instances, patients will receive a surgical bath the day before surgery.

For routine procedures the usual hospital stay is 2-3 days. We often board patients for a longer duration after surgery when their owners feel they are unable to provide the necessary care required during the recovery period.

Typical rechecks are at 2, 6 and 12 weeks.

How much does surgery typically cost?

  • Fracture repair: please speak with the doctor for an estimate as each fracture is managed according to specific patient factors.
  • TPLO Surgery: for cruciate rupture is charged at a set rate of $3,750.00

This includes, an orthopedic exam, pre-opeartive blood work, pre and post-surgical radiographs, anesthesia, surgical time, hospitalization, game ready cold compression therapy and post operative pain relief and recheck examinations.

To learn more about 'cruciate disease' & 'TPLO surgery' please click 'here'.

Orthopedic Price List

1. Cruciate Repair (TPLO): $3750

2. Patella Luxation: $2950

3. Femoral Head Ostectomy: (FHO) $1800 (under 15 lbs), $2550 (over 15 lbs)

4. Fragmented Coronoid Process (FCP)Removal: Unilateral: $2400, Bilateral $3905

7. Fracture Fixation $1700-$4500

Please note: prices may have changed (updated April 2019), additional fees may apply, these prices are not an estimate and are provided as a guideline only. A detailed estimate can be provided by your pets doctor at the time of their appointment.

Reviews from TPLO Surgery

   "Dr Ned & Staff, Thank you so much for the quality , loving care you provided Molly over the past few months! She (& I) Truly appreciate all that you did for her. Matt & Molly Kaufmann" 11.15.2019

  "We rescued a dog and within only 4 months she had torn her knee ligament. We were shocked and upset that the only option was surgery and that would be $6,000!!!! We had a friend who went to Oakdale Vet Group for the same exact thing, and we decided to have a consult. Dr Trathan was able to schedule the surgery within 2 weeks (time was of the essence since there is a huge possibility of her other leg tearing because of her weight and the extra strain. We LOVED Dr. Trathan, and the whole staff-every single person was so professional and the facility looked clean and legit. We ended up going into TPLO surgery for her hind leg and we had the best possible experience under those circumstances. We paid half the price because he does this type of surgery so much, he has streamlined what works and made it quicker and easier with his techniques so the cost isn't has high (plus its a little further from the Bay Area). Our other dog is almost totally recovered 2 months later and healing beautifully. They really took care of us and made this terrible thing as easy and trauma free as it can be. We were not happy about spending so much money on our dogs injury but Dr Trathan and the staff made every penny worth it. Now our dog can walk, run and live the active lifestyle with us that we got her for. Thank you Dr. Trathan. Aimee A" 03.01.2019

   "Dr Ned is the greatest!! He did TPLO Surgery on my border Collie, got her in within a couple of days of my first call, did the consult and I left her there the same day for surgery the following morning, he kept her for 2 days and would have kept  her for 3 but I didn't want to leave her that long. He explains everything in detail and you can tell her really cares about animals. His staff is really great too.!! I drove an hour and a half an it was totally worth it!! Thank you Dr Ned!! Darla H" 10.12.2019

   "Affordable estimates for TPLO surgery, compared with other hospitals in the Bay Area. The staff provided routine updates on my pets well-being with very well taken photos to share. Dr Ned Provided all the details and care instructions to perform after the surgery, as well as a direct line for any urgent questions. I'll recommend this hospital for any orthopedic related pet surgery. Wayne L" 09.27.2019

  "Dr Ned Trathan did TPLO Surgery on my dog KC...he did such a great job that she is back to 100% and you'd never know she was injured. He and his staff did a great job and were so accommodating in drop off and pick up since I don't live close. I traveled from Castro Valley to get there. I highly recommend them :) Diane S" 02.21.2019

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