• Digital Radiography: minimally invasive technique to image bones and some soft tissues
  • Ultrasound: non invasive imaging technique to view soft tissues
  • Laboratory: blood, urine and fecal tests to aid in monitoring and diagnosing conditions
  • Blood Pressure: to help diagnose hyper tension and associated conditions
  • Tonopen: measures pressure within the eye
  • Microscopic Exam: magnified viewing of cells to assist with diagnosis
  • Fine Needle Aspirate: collection of cells from a lesion with a small needle to assist with a diagnosis
  • Excision Biopsy: removal of a complete mass for diagnosis and cure
  • Incision Biopsy: removal of a portion of a mass for diagnosis
  • Skin Biopsy: full thickness excision of a piece of skin for diagnosing different skin diseases
  • Cystocentesis: collection of fluid from the bladder
  • Abdominocentesis: collection of free fluid from the abdomen
  • Computed Tomography (CT) - requires referral outside our hospital, useful for examination of nasal turbinates, skull fractures, diagnosing elbow dysplasia (fragmented coronoid process)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) - requires referral outside our hospital, useful for imaging of nervous tissue including the brain and spinal cord

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